Monday, 7 April 2008

And We're Off

I am trying out blokkal for the first time - I think that's where previous blogging attempts slowed to a stop - not having a quick and simple local client every time I had a post in my head. This blog will be an attempt to share my experiences, good and bad, about my linux distro of choice, openSUSE. I've been using it for at least 9 years after cutting my teeth on Redhat long before it branched into Fedora, and a look at several other distros. If I remember correctly it all started with SuSE 6 point something - certainly these archives look vaguely familiar. SuSE has *traditionally* provided a slicker desktop than the competition and that's what attracted me to it in the first place, although I've had plenty of dabbling in Debian based distros since, mostly work related. Debian (and hence, Ubuntu) have traditionally had better package management and I think that remains the case, although it will be interesting to see if openSUSE's new Sat Solver manages to compete. The openSUSE Build Service will hopefully help to bridge that gap.

Anyways, interesting times ahead, with kde4 out and looking the business, although I am yet to find it useable enough to make the switch permanent - a combination of show-stopping bugs and lack of features in konsole scaring me away. I'm a kde type mostly, although I feel very comfortable on the command line and do most of my day to day work there, including use of the redoubtable mutt.

I'm afraid I've a bit of tendency towards industrial strength language from time to time. It's only words, get over it.

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